Rules to win a computer game

		1.Try to build situations that give you advantage.
		2.Learn all of the rules of the game.
		3.Learn from your experiences.
		4.Make clever manouvres.
		5.Develop good and useful moves and manouvres.
		6.Have knowledge about latest bonuses, changes, etc quickly during the game.
		7.If you can't get an advantage, don't get a disadvantage.
		8.Be good at the basic moves and abilities of the game.
		9.Play the game in the optimal speed.(Your optimal speed for a game may change according to the game, your experience of the game, etc)
		10.Develop a good tactic.
		11.Try not to make big faults.
		12.Try your chance to the end.
		13.Build combine movements if possible.(Combined movements are three or four movements in the game quickly performed one after another.)
		14.Be careful.You can win while you are losing or lose while you are winning.
		15.Timing is important.
		16.Try to get the faults to a minimum.
		17.We play some games because we like to play them.We play some games because we want to win that game.If you want to win a game, focus only on winning.
		18.Don't feel pity for the game.And don't underestimate it.Because it won't.

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