Some Advice Before You Build Your Web Site

		1.Chose a suitable name for your site, connected with your content.
		2.Plan your site before building.
		3.Note the seach engines you suggested your site.
		4.Put the last update date and E-mail links to your site.
		5.Learn the laws about internet and internet sites in your country.
		6.If you put a lot of pictures and animated gifs in a page, it might take longer to open that page. 
		7.Control your links and pages.(Especially when you've added a new page)
		8.You can either make a plain and neat or a colorful site. But it must be practical and easy to understand.
		9.Instead of too much unnecessary knowledge, put necessary and useful knowledge in to your site.
		10.Learn the rules of the Web space providers you choose.
		11.Save your site material, because you may need them later to build an other site.
		12.Adding new pages to your site should be easy and fast.
		13.If the text in your pages have all appropriate fonts and colors, this may be better.

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